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69. How to Stop Getting Hangry on Your Diet

How do you stop getting hangry when dieting? Is being Hangry really a thing or is it made up by people who are on diets and can’t eat the foods that they like? Recently a european team of researchers looked into the ‘Hangry’ phenomenon and found a few interesting things. Firstly ‘hangry’ does exist as

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68. Building Strong Humans with Dan Smith

What does it take to be aa good coach and mentor? Dan Smith is both a personal coach and a mentor to other fitness coaches. In this interview he discusses how he helps other fitness professionals build their businesses and how he transforms the physiques of his clients to be stronger humans Listen to the

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67. It’s OK to be selfish

Is it selfish put your gym training first as a priority in your life?   No absolutely not and here’s why.   Many of the people I work with are selfless people. They have a family and

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57 Coaching methods with Dan Osman

Interviews with other coaches to discuss their methods and views on the industry Coach Dan Osman joins me to discuss dodgy fitness coaches, dodgy business gurus and dodgy social media behaviour. Dan is health and wellbeing educator,

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56 Information VS Implementation

Why you are not doing the stuff you’d said you’d do and seeing no results from your diet or training If you’ve been trying to get in shape for a while and finding it more difficult that

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Better Habits for Great Sleep

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep then this is for you Simple Techniques for Great Sleep  If you’re a business owner or manager struggling with balancing sleep with your daily life then watch this

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Why a coach hires another coach

Why a Coach Hires Another Coach

A coach shouldn’t need to hire another coach – don’t they have all the answers? Even a coach needs another coach for accountability from time to time. When you are a coach to over 30 clients then

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reagaining a toned body as a new mum

Regaining a toned body as a new mum

It’s difficult for many new mums to get their former toned body back after giviing birth Often pregnancy results in less exercise So as well as losing the baby weight there’s an additional issue of restarting an

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Fastest way to lose weight

Your efforts to lose weight fast with an exercise routine at the gym or home is probably about to backfire on you. ‘Lose weight fast’ has 100,000 to 1 million google searches every month and ‘Fastest way

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build muscle for men

Best Way to Build Muscle for Men

Adding 4kg of muscle without gaining body fat – impossible without drugs? WRONG I have worked with hundreds of men to build muscle and the vast majority of them are making the same mistakes which is restricting

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Eat smarter move with purpose

Eat Smarter Move With Purpose

“Eat Less. Move More” A statement that is both true and also misleading I’ll often see this statement followed by “It’s simple” Normally from people who are Not coaches Have always been in leaner shape Or are

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how to speed up your weight loss

How to speed up your weight loss

If you’re getting good results with your diet you may be looking at how to speed up your weight loss process to get to your target sooner. This is a really risky business and I see many

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how much does a diet plan cost

How much does a diet plan cost?

How much should you pay for a diet plan? I’m often asked how much does a diet plan cost? The answer often surprises people, in that I counter with “how much of the work do you want

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Reserve Calories

Reserve Calories

Give yourself an added layer of security for success on your diet with reserve calories Many diets fail because they have an ‘all or nothing’ approach. You are either eating to your calories or you are not.

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how to stop getting fat at xmas

How to Stop Getting Fat at Xmas

Enjoy food at Xmas without it impacting your body fat levels too badly so you can start the New Year without jumping onto a restrictive fad diet Stop the cycle of getting fat at Xmas followed by

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best macros for fat loss

Macros for Fat Loss

Understanding what macro splits you need for a fat loss meal plan and how to calculate them What are the best macros for fat loss? There’s many diets you can do to lose weight and the macros

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How creatine may improve your mental health

Can Creatine Improve Your Mental Health

Creatine is a supplement used to build muscle mass and boost athletic performance For years creatine has been used by athletes to boost their strength and power in the gym and on the track. There are thousands

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