How to speed up your weight loss

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how to speed up your weight loss

If you're getting good results with your diet you may be looking at how to speed up your weight loss process to get to your target sooner.

This is a really risky business and I see many people trying to do this and ultimately end up gaining a lot of the weight back again.

The reason for this is that the body does not like to be told to speed up.  It likes to stick to a steady manageable pace that it can slowly adapt to.

Very rapid shifts in weight, exercise, hydration etc tend to cause a rapid reaction to correct the issue.

Unfortunately the people who sell you rapid fat loss diets don’t tell you this.

Trying to speed up fat loss can actually put the brakes on

While your body might be happy to lose 1-2kg per week, when you try to increase that amount it recognises an unusual situation and the result is a depression of the metabolism and a lack of energy to train so that your output slows down.

It also gives you more hunger cues so that you want to eat more to get the weight back on again that you’ve rapidly lost.


The problem with this is that it takes a while for the body to recognise you’re back at your normal levels and so you overshoot causing more weight regain.


All of a sudden you are fatter than before and right back to square one with a penalty.


In this video you’ll learn how to avoid this trap that many people fall into and how to consistently make progress with your weight loss plan.

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