54 Strength Vs Hypertrophy – Getting Big and Strong at the Same Time

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strength vs hypertrophy

Can you get Bigger and Stronger at the Same Time?

It’s the perfect result to get bigger and stronger at the same time but how can you achieve this?


In this podcast I’ll be discussing the principles behind building more muscle and as a by product – getting stronger.


There’s a misconception that the bigger you get, the stronger you get as a direct proportion.


Ronnie Coleman, 8 time Mr Olympia stated once that in all the years bodybuilding he didn’t get much stronger but got hugely bigger when he swapped from powerlifting to bodybuilding.


From a guy that used to leg press a metric ton for reps and bang out 10 reps on 100kg dumbbells bench press with ease, thats some statement


He couldn’t have got much stronger and it’s argued that his immense lifting is what contributed to his crippling injuries now


He is/was definitely a genetic outlier

Most people who try to emulate his style of super heavy training for reps end up injured.

Therein lies the key problem with the mentality of trying to be the biggest AND strongest guy in the gym.


The two goals are aligned in some parts but completely misaligned in others.


Yes you need to train with weights and you need to bring the weights to near or total failure to stimulate adaption but for maximum strength adaptions you are looking at 1-3 reps to failure and for hypertrophy you are looking at 7-12 reps to failure

This means that if you're trying to maximally build muscle and strength at the same time you will be missing out on one of the goals which may cause annoyance

Also it’s worth noting that some exercises don’t lend very well to maximum overload, biceps curls for example really don’t like max weight for 2-3 reps and injury is common.


Make sure you know exactly what goal you are aiming for with both the workout and each exercise with a view towards your longer term goal.


This way you won’t get injured as much and most likely be happier with the results.

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