Can Creatine Improve Your Mental Health

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How creatine may improve your mental health

Creatine is a supplement used to build muscle mass and boost athletic performance

For years creatine has been used by athletes to boost their strength and power in the gym and on the track.

There are thousands of research studies relating to its use and it’s widely regarded as a very safe and easy to use supplement for this purpose.

It does not cause kidney or liver issues in normal healthy people and all studies done have proven this.

In addition creatine either shows a positive or no effect in research subjects.  The instance of negative side effects are almost zero and so it’s a cheap and easy to obtain supplement that can be used by any athlete looking to increase strength, power and muscle size.

Recently more research done for it's benefits to brain and mental health

While it’s effects on sports performance are well known, the other beneficial effects of creatine are only just becoming apparent.  Benefits to many brain conditions related to old age such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are now being researched with positive indicators of application.  This makes it more than just a supplement and perhaps an essential element in our diets.

Increased dietary creatine intake is linked to lower depression rates especially in women

A recent study using data from the NHANES survey in the USA showed that the instance of depression was negatively associated with dietary creatine intake.  In that the more food a person ate containing the supplement, mainly from meat sources, the lower their risk of depression was.

This is an interesting result as people who supplemented with it were excluded from the research data in the study.

Therefore it may be advisable to use creatine as a daily supplement even if you aren’t looking to boost sports performance.  It may also help your mental health.

Depression is a condition that is close to my heart.  I have had 2 friends commit suicide due to the condition and especially in men it is a very big contributor towards death.

A recent podcast we did with Dan Osman covered male depression in more depth

Dan Osman podcast

tom blackman instagram

To work with me to develop a stronger Physical, Mental and Inner Health contact me via the website

www.bkmnutrition.com or 


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