51. Why is Your Diet Not Working? You’re Not Doing These Things

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DIET ecosystem

It's a common question that people ask - "why is my diet not working?"

  • You’re following the diet plan
  • Working out a few times a week
  • Maybe even taking some supplements that your diet guru has sold you


But things aren’t working.  You’re not seeing any results and it’s starting to get you down

The answer is that even though you've got the diet and workout to get results, you are not balancing the internal and external factors that affect your every day life

If you were locked in a big box and given the food to eat and forced to do the exercise then you’d be very likely to see results that your guru promised.


Even the most poorly designed diet and workout program will bring fat loss results with more muscle tone if it’s a calorie deficit and stimulates the muscles with resistance training in this situation


The trouble is, most of us aren’t locked in a box every day

Our lifestyles seem to get in the way of our diet goals

We have jobs to go to, people to see socially and families to spend time with.  All these situations are our external environment and may have temptations for eating more food or doing less exercise.


When we are left to our own devices we will also be facing our internal environment which allows our muncher brain to hijack our behaviour and before you know it your neck deep in a pit of chocolate wondering how that happened.

Our habits are formed in our internal environment and 'bad' or undesirable habits can stop us behaving the way we want to in order to change our bodies and lifestyle.

All these factors are connected in what I call the DIET ecosystem and balancing these elements will lead to you reaching your ideal body at an accelerated speed which feels like it’s no effort at all.  Friction is removed and you are aligned to your goal.


If any one of these factors is not aligned then friction is increased which creates stress which slows down your process and flow.  Eventually this leads to the other balanced elements stalling and before long a small niggle has become the straw on the camels back.


I have created a free tool to allow you to analyse and assess your DIET ecosystem.  It will pinpoint exactly where you need to improve and where you are strongest.


Take the test now and I’ll send you a free report to help you improve


Take the DIET Ecosystem test – Find out how good your diet is

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

Play Video about 51 diet ecosystem

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

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