How To Set Fat Loss Goals You Can Actually Achieve

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setting fat loss goals you actually achieve

Are You Doing These 4 Simple Things To Make Sure You Hit Your Fat Loss Goals?

Over 10 years of coaching clients in fat loss and body composition change has given me a unique insight into what works and what doesn't.

You probably already know what doesn’t as you’ve most likely been there

  • Low Carbs
  • Keto 
  • Food Elimination
  • Food Colour Codes
  • ‘Sinful’ Food Lists
  • Points Scoring
  • Rigid Inflexible Diets

But these things do seem to work for some people so why not you?  The answer is that EVERY diet works for someone.  You only see the success stories.  Think of the millions of people who do the top 3 diet programs in your country.  Why are there not millions of successful testimonials?

The unfortunate truth is that over 90% of people tend to fail in their dieting efforts.

This article is intended to give you an insight of the techniques I use with my clients who are mostly successful people in their business and working life but have huge trouble translating that to their bodies.

I build incredible bodies in successful people

Here’s how I plan out their route to success

1. SMART goals

  • Specific – How much weight do you want to lose? eg 10kg.
  • Measured – Using a scale?
  • Achieveable – Can you actually lose 10kg of fat?
  • Relevant – Will 10kg actually make you look/feel better?
  • Is that a realistic goal?
  • Timed – Over how long are you setting this goal/goals

Most people just pick out a figure from the air for how much fat they want to lose.  Then that becomes the target.

It’s not been thought out well enough.

Look at this like you’d look at your business.


If you suddenly declared you want to get 10m profit, your managers and accountant would ask you how you’d do it.


If you said, sell more stuff to more people (which is essentially true) they’d still want more details.

Unless you plan out your goals and set them in stone as to do they meet SMART objectives you’ll never achieve them.

Part of my work with clients is identifying if the goals they want to achieve are actually realistic.  Often they’ve set the bar too high, too soon results in failure and abandonment of the goal.

2. Announcement of intentions - using SMART

Announcement of intention keeps you accountable to your coach or accountability group.

If you keep on saying every week, I want to train more this week but never do it’s because you’ve not announced exactly what you want to achieve.

Your mind then is confused and will opt for not doing it which is safer and easier to accomplish.


If you have SMART goals in mind then you can set smaller targets to achieve in the week which move you closer to your big target.


For example you may want to lose 10kg but you won’t do that in a week.

But setting yourself an exercise and calorie target for eating each week will help you lose 0.5kg consistently each week.

This is a safe amount and manageable for your body.  As you get fitter you can burn more energy in training and your progress speeds up.

It all starts with the announcement of intention by you, to your accountability group or coach.  Then when you hit your targets, celebrate them.

3. Reporting your wins and losses

Once you’ve moved closer to your goal/goals then you should always announce it.

If you’ve achieved significant fat loss in a given time then record and report it so that you can see these little milestone being ticked off.

In my coaching community we announce our intention every week, then post pics of our workouts to show we are doing what we said we would.

It keeps us accountable but also visibly reinforces to ourselves that we are building our incredible bodies, step by step.

If we encounter problems then we also document them as identifying problems helps us create solutions.  

a week of workouts

4. Break down big goals into smaller goals

Losing 30kg of fat is a mammoth task but I’ve have many clients do just that.

Although their goal was to lose that, we set smaller milestones of 5kg which signified their progress when they achieved it.

Moving yourself 1% closer to your goal every day will be a much easier focus for your brain than the 100% as you only get a win when you’re there.

But looking back there’s a million smaller wins that have built the systems that got you to your goals and will keep the fat off long term.

This video and podcast gives an insight into setting SMART goals and implementing them for your own results.

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