56 Information VS Implementation

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Why you are not doing the stuff you'd said you'd do and seeing no results from your diet or training

If you’ve been trying to get in shape for a while and finding it more difficult that you first imagined then in this video you’ll learn the reason why it’s taking you so long.


When people want to get in shape fast they generally look at Google and ask that very same question. “what’s the best way to lose fat, gain muscle, get in shape, – FAST”


The problem is that Google then returns the most popular and best SEO optimised results for dieting, fat loss, building muscle and so on.


While this may not seem like a problem and is in fact what you think you need, the results are generally for highly promoted fad type diets and workouts from people who are famous.


This isn’t always the right selection.


The other big problem here is that you now have a hell of a load of information but you’re still not any closer to implementation – actually DOING the thing you said you were going to do.


Bookshelves of houses all over the country are filled with self help books for business, weight loss, healthy recipes etc.


The houses are generally not occupied by millionaire business people in great shape.




Because these are information only.


The people who really succeed with building a great business or getting in great shape are those that have a mentor as a guide, someone to actually push them in the right direction.


I have had a few business mentors over the last few years who have all helped me improve my business and achieve things that I potentially wouldn’t have thought about doing.


They didn’t run my business for me, they advised me on how to proceed and that’s what I did.


I learned the skills myself and the mentor guided me along the way.


That is exactly how you should approach your body transformation Having a Guided Implementation approach helps you learn and refine the skills yourself so that you need help less and less.


You will see results faster and they will stay around longer.


Having no coach or mentor to hold you to account means that you have no accountability and no one pushing you to get in shape faster.


You may say “oh well I’m super motivated so I’ll be ok”


No problem – how’s that working out so far for you?


I don’t mean that in a nasty way, but people often kid themselves that they can do a task that requires great skill, then find that it is a lot tougher than they imagined.


But their pride often stops them admitting they need help.


One of the best things I ever did was invest in a mentor, I was having some success with my businesses but was finding things a lot tougher as time went on.


After investing in a mentor for 6 months I had new direction, ideas and more importantly more money and more time.


A mentor for your body is exactly the same.


Most of my clients achieve their initial goals in 12 weeks of working with me.


That’s 12 weeks – 84 days – just under 3 months.


How long have you been trying to achieve your goals?


What’s it cost you so far in time and money?


Think it over

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