Fastest way to lose weight

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Your efforts to lose weight fast with an exercise routine at the gym or home is probably about to backfire on you.

‘Lose weight fast’ has 100,000 to 1 million google searches every month and ‘Fastest way to lose weight’ is between 1-10,000

It’s a hot topic and the reason is that people want results fast, normally because they have a holiday or event to go to and have just realised they need to get into a shirt, dress or swimwear.

‘Lose weight fast’ and ‘the fastest way to lose weight’ sound the same but actually there's a slight difference, at least as far as I interpret them.

  • ‘Lose weight fast’ is where you are racing against the clock to get in shape in a limited time period eg a holiday or wedding.


  • The ‘fastest way to lose weight’ is a planned and thought out process that works with time as a friend to lose weight at a good speed but to continue that process of improvement for the long term.

Fastest is optimised – you’ve looked at all the methods and decided which one will work for you.  Weight loss may not be fast but it will be the fastest way to achieve your goals without suffering a rebound that takes you back to the start. 

Remember if you rebound from a ‘lose weight fast’ plan and regain all the weight back, the net weight loss is zero, despite an initial fast result.

It’s not just about eating less either. Many weight loss plans focus entirely on reducing calories with a very small focus on exercise

Exercise will help reinforce and support weight loss efforts and even speed it up.


Which brings us to the next issue of weight loss vs fat loss.


It’s entirely possible to lose body fat and not lose any weight on the scales.  The reason is body recomposition.  Which means you gain muscle at the same time as you lose body fat.


I’ve seen this happen so many times with clients I work with that it’s almost expected now, somewhere along the process.

While weight loss may have stalled, results continue to happen in the mirror. 

Therefore it must be of vital importance that you don’t use the scales as the only determinant of success.


This is especially true of women who quite often see an increase in muscle mass while training with weights and maintaining a calorie deficit.  For this situation using pictures as an additional data point is essential when weight loss slows down

6 principles exercise should be fun
Home workout moment

The ‘fastest’ way to lose weight is like the fable of the tortoise and the hare

The hare ran off at top speed, got complacent and rested, while the tortoise kept up a regular measured speed and beat the hare, the tortoise was the fastest in that race, he finished first because he followed a consistent pace and never got complacent.

The DIET TRAP - Focussing ONLY on weight loss

Many people when trying to drop weight fast go all in for a few weeks, see an initial drop and then when it slows down they get annoyed and stop doing all the extreme things they were doing.  As a result they rebound, while they are steadily gaining the weight back again after stopping their protocol, the people who had a slow and steady plan with good systems to help them maintain pace, overtake them and are ultimately the winners.

In this video you’ll learn how to be the tortoise, a measured consistent approach that leads you to the goal while others fall by the wayside trying to rush it.

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

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