Bonus content for the Target Lean book

The CALORIE system infographic

The C.A.L.O.R.I.E system

The 7 step system I use with clients to transform their bodies

My Fitness Pal

How to use My Fitness Pal for tracking meals

Lean matrix

L.E.A.N Matrix

You should only ever eat foods that you like

Break Cues

Combat snacking and control your Muncher brain.

The Carrot Diet

How easy is it to just make up a diet and sell it to con people out of money? Well actually it's incredibly simple.

Big or Small meals

Which are better for fat loss?

Vote Sheet

Cast votes for your leaner lifestyle

The Hunger Games

Avoid the HANGRY zone

Eating Out Guide

A guide to calories at popular restaurants. Download your copy from this page

Guide to Calories

A quick reference book to understand your food and calorie intake better. Download your guide from this link

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