The CALORIE system infographic

The CALORIE system

Target Lean Book - fat loss meal plan guide

The CALORIE system is the 7 step process by which I have transformed hundreds of people’s lives.

It’s a clear process and if followed will enable anyone to live a healthier life with lower body fat and greater confidence.

This process is outlined in more detail in my book Target Lean,  


The start of any effective diet begins with correctly calculating your calorie intake for your goals.  If it is fat loss that you desire to achieve then it is essential to create a calorie deficit.  You must eat less than the energy you expend in order to use your body fat stores as energy.  This is a proven fact.  Use my calculator to easily determine your calories for fat loss.

Calorie calculator


Once you have your calorie limit for your fat loss plan you need to then allocate them into meal blocks that fit your lifestyle.  This will be a unique fit for your life.  Allocate both Meals and Snacks.  As a rule keep snacks to half the calories of meals.

An example of a 2500 calorie limit split over 4 meals and 2 snacks – Meals 500 each, snacks 250.

Breakfast – 500kcal
Lunch – 500kcal
Evening meal – 500kcal
Supper – 500kcal
Snack 1 – 250kcal
Snack 2 – 250kcal


When you have your calorie blocks you need to fill them with foods that you like.  It is crucially important that you NEVER add foods to your diet that you do not like.  But also very important NOT to  eliminate any foods that you like.  Adherence to any diet is based on the ease of following it and enjoyment of the food. I use a tool called the LEAN Matrix to help clients pick their normal diet foods while reducing foods that may cause them to overeat


You’ve now got your calorie blocks and the foods to fill them.  Time to organise the foods into meals. Take the foods you have from your List and use a program such as My Fitness Pal to balance the foods to fit the meal blocks.  Make sure that you have 5-6 meals and 5-6 snack items so that you can swap them around when you get bored.

Routine and Habit

Having the ideal diet is a great start to any body transformation.  However one day of dieting doesn’t get you in shape same as one day of overeating will not make you fat.  To support the personalised diet that you have created you will need solid routines and habits to develop consistency.  There will be times that test you and take you off your plan. Building solid systems that support and grow your habits is essential for long term success.

Increase activity

A calorie deficit is based on two sides of the equation.  Calories in – which we have addressed in the first 4 steps – and calories out.  Tracking your steps and activity with a fitbit or similar and setting targets to hit will keep you motivated.  As a natural compensating measure your body will try to slow you down.  Monitoring your activity will help prevent this.


Consistency is the final ingredient that is needed for long term success.  Part of that is always evaluating your progress and adjusting your approach.  As you lose weight you’ll require less calories to keep your body alive and unless you’ve increased your activity to keep your daily expenditure up you’ll need to drop your food.  Of course you won’t know any of this unless you consistently evaluate what you are doing.  This is what ensures the long term success on a diet.

graph showing weight loss over time

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