Break Cues to fight snacking binges

Break Cues are a powerful yet simple tool. You can use this technique to prevent overeating at times of snacking.

When we are distracted by stimuli such as a cinema trip, eating at buffets, watching TV and family meetings the human brain can enter a state of mindless eating.

We continue to eat past what satisfies hunger when food is in abundance especially if the foods are high reward such as chocolate, popcorn, sweets and savoury snacks.

Installing a conscious ‘break cue’ in your eating will wake you up from the hypnotic eating pattern and alert you to the fact that the food is depleted.  This causes a conscious decision to be made to get more if you want to continue eating.

Mindless eating is a phenomenon that affects us all.  By picking at food we don’t register the total volume we’ve eaten, just the single item between our fingers.  Food companies know this and it’s why we see packets of chocolate which have been broken into smaller bite size portions.  Think about ‘Heroes’ ‘Celebrations’ ‘Segsations’ – all big items broken down into smaller chunks so that we eat more.

Break cues give us the opportunity to stop eating.  Normally we will have satisfied the reward centre of the brain that initiated the snacking and as such there will be no desire to eat.  Your hunger should also be abated.

Break cues are one of the methods I use with clients in my coaching and is also featured in my book ‘Target Lean’

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