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Inforgraphinc showing the 3 elements of the complete solution

Food tracking apps like My Fitness Pal can be an invaluable tool in building the complete solution to your nutrition.

Knowing how much you are eating, organising your meals and planning ahead for the day is crucial in keeping to your long term goal.

Developing this skill will eventually mean that you will not need to use an app to track food as you will know what is right for you.  

Use these videos which are taken from my coaching programs to get started on My Fitness Pal

Using My Fitness Pal - 1. Getting started

Using My Fitness Pal - 2. Keeping track of meals

Using My Fitness Pal - 3. Adding recipes

Using My Fitness Pal - 4. Barcode Scanner

Using My Fitness Pal - 5. Managing the data

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