Using the Lean Matrix to organise your food

Lean matrix

An integral part of getting the body you want by eating foods you like is CHOICE.

Many diets will try to keep you in a calorie deficit (and so losing weight) by eliminating your favourite foods.

This approach is short sighted.  The reality of life is that eventually you will want to eat those forbidden foods and this will result in over eating.  

Making the foods you like part of your plan eliminates this problem.  If you can always have your favourite foods if you so desire then the craving from trying to restrict them goes.

Working with your brain will identify the foods that cause you to overeat and allow you to manage your days better

Making a choice about what you eat, which is informed by having a clarity of knowledge will allow you to consistently stay on target for your ideal body

This is where the LEAN Matrix can help you

Using a sheet of paper, divide it into 4 sections as indicated by the picture at the top of the page.  Then allocate your favourite foods into the sections indicated.  

If a food is high food reward (you like it a lot) and you have low impulse control (you can’t stop eating it) then it goes into NO MANS LAND

If it has high food reward but you can control your eating of it then it goes in ACCEPTABLE CHEATS

If it has low food reward and you have good impulse control then it goes in EVERYDAY FOODS

If it has low food reward but you can’t help snacking on it then it goes in LOW CALORIE SNACKS

Once you’ve allocated all the foods that you like then you’ll have an idea of which foods you construct your main daily foods from and which you have as treats.  You’ll also know which ones should be very rarely eaten without certain controls in place

No Man's land is not a leper colony

You should not avoid your No Man’s Land foods completely.  Same as a minefield it can be negotiated if you use care.

Building good habits and routines for when you eat those foods means although you may have a huge desire and love for them, you work with your brain to reduce the impact.

One such method would be Break Cues which has been one of the most powerful methods I’ve used with clients but also one of the most simple.

Read more about my methods

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