Vote for a leaner body

How this very simple action can build incredibly strong healthy habits for a leaner body

We all have a ‘bad’ habit we want to change.

But the majority of the time we fail at changing. Why?

Mainly because that habit is entrenched in your sub conscious and we try to dig it out and eliminate it.

That’s never going to happen. It’s almost impossible to remove a bad habit. It would be like cutting out part of your brain.

Bad habits are not actually bad or evil. They are just undesirable.

They exist for a reason in your mind. They accomplish something you are trying to achieve.

Smoking for example is a habit that many people do for relaxation or from boredom. Yes there’s an addictive element but even when you add nicotine patches you still have the craving for a cigarette.

Finding an alternative habit to replace the smoking that accomplishes the relaxation or offsets the boredom is the key. Not the nicotine addiction.

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How do we accomplish something like overcoming smoking? Or eating healthier or doing more exercise?

One technique is to have a vote sheet.

Our habits are the product of thousands of votes we’ve cast in our everyday lives.

If you take the stairs rather than the lift you’ve cast a vote for more activity which is part of having a healthier, leaner body.

If you choose a fruit snack over a Choc bar then you’ve cast a vote for a lower body fat level.

Consistent votes then escalate into further actions through a mindset towards the person you want to become.

Acting like a leaner person will make you a leaner person.

Behaving like a non smoker will lead you to becoming a non smoker

Adopting the identity of the type of person that you want to become and acting as that person would in any given situation will start casting votes for that type of lifestyle.

If losing body fat and having a leaner body is what you want to achieve, then always be asking yourself:

“What would a leaner person do in this situation?”

Then do that. The more you do it, the easier those actions and that lifestyle will become.

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