What Fitpros Tell You Is Wrong With Your Diet VS What’s Actually Wrong With Your Diet

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what fitpros tell you vs what is actually wrong

U AreN't iN a CaLorIe dEficiT Maaate

what fitpros tell you vs what is actually wrong 2

Over simplification to Calorie Deficit is not the solution

Interestingly you never really hear these people talking about compensation, the process whereby the body lowers it’s calorie output to align with a deficit


  • The intense food cues it gives you to try and get you to eat more
  • How to manage your diet when everyone around you is stuffing their face
  • How to actually enjoy your workouts again rather than doing the same ‘Optimised’ PPL program that works for them
  • How to keep yourself accountable
  • How to work with your brain to avoid huge binges from the calorie deficit of a restrictive diet


Their response?

“You just don’t want it enough”


Pretty sure most people who ask for help losing weight and getting into better shape DO want it

Just aren’t sure how to do it

So giving them a macro split and a weekly email isn’t really going to get them there

Coaching is not diet plans, training plans or macro splits

Thats the ‘Calorie Deficit’


Coaching is managing all the additional factors that pull you off that course


This what a lot of ‘coaches’ shy away from and why they only work with:


“Busy Professionals who are Action Takers”


AKA – people who will stick to a cookie cutter diet,never ask questions and just do the stuff


“If he dies he dies”



Most of the guys that work with me don’t drop their calories that much, instead we work on increasing output and fueling workouts properly

Because who wants to eat less – fcuk that

Not sure where you’re going wrong?


Take my DIET ecosystem test


It’s free and you get a detailed breakdown of where to improve

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

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