Why I hate the diet industry

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Tom’s very funny video on calories

I really hate the Diet Industry sometimes.

On the one hand you have Mr Keto VeganPaleo.

Who SWEARS his lean body is down 
to his kale and avocado smoothie, 
and the homeopathic witchery drops
that he sprays liberally in his mouth every day.

(that are also available from him at £29.99)

This guy totally swears that Calories are irrelevant
that the CICO (cals in vs cals out) equation
is sooooooo last decade.

All you have to do is follow his plant based voodoo.

Do some excessive exercise regime he designed.

and ETHICAL BOOM – you’ll be in Shredsville USA.

Then on the other hand you’ve got the Weight Loss Fit Pro

Sliding in your Instagram sponsored stories
Or barging his way into your facebook ads

Telling you 

‘Hey bro all you need for weight loss is a Calorie Deficit’


Well thank you very much


I’m not STUPID bro

I do realise that if I shove more food in my gob
Than what I manage to burn off by moving around

I’m probably going to put on some weight.

Now I know that there are 

2. People who literally won’t listen to reason
3. Susan from accounts

Who still believe that eating some magic fat
will tell their bodies to burn up bodyfat.

They may even sell such a product
because they magically lost weight 
while using it years ago.

While at the same time being mindful
of their eating and didn’t eat as much
so lost weight but that’s irrelevant of course

If you’re reading this article

then you’re hopefully not in those 3 groups
if you are then I’m glad you’ve found this article.

So you might know, like i do
that calories will be the main driver 
for fat loss or gain

What you need to REALLY know
Like I do, is how to maintain that deficit

It’s like giving someone the keys
to a brand new racing car 
without giving them an instruction on
how to drive it.

They’ll most likely make a decent stab at it 
but end up wrapping it around a tree

This is how diets work for people 
who want to succeed and are given the keys
but with no direction or support

They end up wrapping themselves
around a 24inch pizza, or Five Guys
most of the time wondering how it happened.


This is my major bugbear with fitpros

The ones who preach the calorie deficit chant
with little or no other substance

There’s no attention to 

Break Cues to stop you eating to much
Secondary Gain triggers to prevent binges
‘If this, then’ protocols to address stressful eating situations
Mindful Eating to cognitively think of your meals
Riding the Wave of cravings to prevent binging 

And why would they know about these
or even care about them

These are not sexy topics
they don’t get you more likes on instagram
no hi fives from the general public 

Plus you can’t really be ‘controversial’ yelling into a video:

‘YO DUDE lets talk about FCUKING Secondary GAIN Triggers YEAH!!!!’

Because there’s no enemy to address
No villain to rally against unless it’s yourself

Calories is an easy one as you just slag off
Slimming World, Weight Watchers or Joe Wicks.  

Maybe Eddie Hall if you’re brave

If the majority of the content from your fav fit pro is

‘Calorie FCUKING deficit’ . swear swear etc

Then it’s likely they don’t know 
about all these other factors.

So are they the ones that you should be following
or listening to as a guide to your nutrition?

This is why I built Target Lean.

In a 6 week program we address all of these issues

Calorie deficit is an easy thing to calculate
It’s how we help you maintain it
without feeling you are on a diet
which is the real skill.

If you’re interested in getting usable specific help
for your nutrition and addressing your inner demons
with regards to eating then I’d love to help you

Follow the link below to find out more
and see our success stories

Target Lean


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