Gafyn completely changed his lifestyle to lose 13kg

Gafyn before and after fat loss

"I had tried dieting on my own but failed"

Gafyn’s job took him all over the country and meant that he would get his daily meals from service stations most days. This meant high calorie processed food which caused him to overeat.

He was also not very active, averaging only 3000 steps a day and did not exercise.

"I realised it was working when within a few weeks my clothes were baggy."

By finding better food choices to eat and making sure he was eating more food volume from lower calorie healthy food, Gafyn lost weight quite quickly.

"The best thing was the systems I was shown to keep me motivated and on the right track"

Gafyn gradually improved his fitness by walking more often and adjusting his training schedule to incorporate more resistance exercise.  He has continued with this practice long past working with me.

Gafyn weight loss progress
Gafyn milestones in weight loss

Gafyn’s lifestyle change gave him not just weight loss but the ability to play more with his son and he lost his long term back pain.  

Weight loss is never just about the weight loss, it’s about the quality of life that you give yourself from improving your lifestyle.

To be successful it helps to have that end goal in mind.  

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