Tell More People To F*** Off – It Will Make You A Better Coach

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You're probably saying 'YES' too much

Have you told enough people ‘NO’?

Chances are as a coach you haven’t.

Because it’s in our nature as coaches to want to help people.

So we want to say yes to people when they ask for our help.


The trouble is, saying yes often means you are saying no to things that can move you forward with your business.


Think about this,

How often have you

  • Taken on a client who you know is less than your ideal client, knowing it will be more hassle and stress?
  • Agreed to change the way you provide your coaching for the one person who doesn’t like the way you do it?
  • Had a meeting with a client outside your normal hours because they can’t make your normal provided times?

We’ve all done it

  • Sometimes it’s down to the belief that if we don’t then we will lose money through a lost sale.
  • Other times it’s because the person is so insistent that they can’t do what you’ve asked them to.

I get that

I’ve been there.


But the problem is that when you do that, you compromise your terms of business.


So it’s a lot easier to say yes to the next person who asks.

Soon enough you’re having meetings at 7pm at night and missing story time with your son.

I’ve been there.

Until I put in absolute non negotiables to not do client calls outside my scheduled hours.

This is the issue

By saying ‘Yes’ to one thing you’re saying ‘No’ to another


In this case I was saying ‘No’ to my son that I couldn’t read him a bedtime story that night.


When I look back on it, that was ludicrous.

It wasn’t the clients fault.

It was mine

Because I said I could do that time as they were in a distressed state.

It could have waited till the next day.

Plus because it was a problem they needed help with they should have fit into my schedule.


This is an inherent problem with coaches that they let the client dictate their schedule.


  • They are doing calls all over the place, leaving them no room to develop their business.
  • No time to themselves to relax and unwind
  • No time to train and focus on their own health.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

You often won’t see this yourself.

It takes someone else to point it out.

I’ve seen it numerous times with people I work with.


When I coached people for physique development, I’d see it all the time in business owners.  Letting meetings get in the way of their health and family.


Now I’m seeing it with coaches and gym owners I work with.


Be selective about who and what you say yes to.


  • I’m not saying be a grumpy selfish troll who never helps people out.
  • But don’t be a simpering ‘Yes’ man/woman who puts everyone else first.


Helping others should never be at your own expense.


I mean expense not only in a monetary term, by all means help out but not if it stops you eating yourself.


Plus saying ‘No’ to some people means that others, many more possibly, can benefit. 

Don’t have that ‘5 minutes of your time’ 2 hour brain pick with the person that never implements your advice. 

Instead film a YouTube video addressing the problem. You can share that with thousands.

  • Spend your time wisely and productively.
  • Set clear boundaries and non negotiables.

You’ll end up being more productive, help more people and maintain your energy.

Watch a short video here about this:


>>>Watch Video<<<<


Watch the full video about building good habits for online coaches here

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