DAT.16 Essential Habits for Online Fitness Coaches

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The 'ends in a 7' habits of online fitness coaches

What are the important habits for online coaches to adopt?

Habits and routines are a big topic.


Not just in the online coaching sphere but generally across business and self improvement.


There’s often fad habits that come along which everyone jumps on.


Then spam the hell out of it on social media.


But do things like ice baths, meditation, grounding etc actually give you a tangible benefit over other people?


Not really.


If it’s a personal thing that you enjoy and find helps you then carry on.


But here are some things that regardless of your beliefs will help you improve your business, productivity and efficiency


  • Bulk Up Work
  • Work Focussed Periods
  • Your Health as a Priority
  • Tell More People To Fcuk Off – don’t say yes to everything
  • Outsource and Delegate – Queen Bee theory
  • Create more than Consume
  • Create your environment


In this video we discuss a number of different methods and habits that we employ to improve your business.


You can apply these into your coaching very easily.

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