DAT.8 Work Life Balance as an Online Personal Trainer

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Finding time for your family life and friends can be hard when you're working for yourself

As an online fitness coach do you find it hard to get a good balance between work and your personal life?

You wouldn’t be alone in this

Because you’re online as a fitness coach and also work for yourself there are no clear boundaries around your work times and personal.

Many of us work in the evenings, on weekends and at odd hours and places.

This isn’t a bad thing as it gives us a lot of freedom to structure our diary the way we want to.

However what can very easily happen is that we work constantly and hardly ever take a break.

You know you should take time off but sometimes that feels wrong and that you aren’t working hard enough.

There’s also the grind and hustle culture of social media where people are showing themselves working constantly to get the big bucks.

In this video Dan and I discuss some practical methods to help you maximise your working hours while making time for your personal life and still generate a good income without burning yourself out

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