DAT.7 Group vs 1:1 Coaching for Online Personal Trainers

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Should you do group or 1 to 1 coaching for your fitness business?

Group vs 1:1 is not really a ‘what’s better’ question, rather a ‘what’s more suitable question.


1 to 1 is definitely better for the client as it gives them a super focus on their specific needs, however the limited hours and client base this results in means that the price often needs to be much higher.  This sometimes puts the service out of reach of many people who would be perfect clients


Group coaching works well as it can mean a lower price point and more people can access the service, however some of the 1 to 1 elements would have to be taken out.


Therefore it’s important to understand, before you launch your product, what the coaching will entail.


This will help you define your product well and deliver a perfect solution for your target customer.


In this video, Dan and Tom discuss the pros and cons of both options so you can make an informed decision about your coaching product.

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