“I had an eating disorder since the age of 18 and so I struggled to eat enough and punished myself with extreme cardio / HIIT if I felt I had overeaten.


I trained more than 7 times a week (2 times a day in some instances) and was in a major deficit and burning out constantly because of it.

I had spent time with doctors, other PTs, nutritionists (hospital) and Psychologist to help with my mental illness but I kept coming back of track due to certain life triggers and went 1 step forwards and 10 back.

I am now in control…not my demons.


I now know if I stick to plan my body will respond in the right way. I have with Tom’s help re-trained my brain to understand that I need the food all foods and no food is bad, I just have to be consistent and stick to my required calories,

If I had over eaten previously or had a “bad food day” I use to head straight for the cardio and stay there until I felt better….now if I have gone over my calories I don’t stress I just adjust my intake as needed over the course of that day/week or adjust my cardio slightly to get back into a deficit but avoid cardio if possible, I always head straight to the weights rack these days!


Tom’s knowledge is invaluable but so is his approach, he is very easy to talk to and confide in and this helps a lot.


I have a very crazy brain when it comes to food and exercise and where I have had the illness for so long it was hard to snap out of it. But Tom has retrained my brain to the point now that if any of my old triggers appear Tom’s voice pops up and argues with my demons and 9/10 wins of course I have had a few blips but soon turned those negatives back into positives very quickly.


I never thought I would feel happy in my skin ever!


I used to always hate having pictures taken where you could see skin and would never take pictures willingly and share them on social media but now I am other girl’s inspirations.

I have had so many compliments it really was not expected and when someone says I want your body I still think hmmm my body could be better but when I look back and compare and see what I have achieved I can now say I have some body confidence!”

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