The Revolutionary Carrot Diet

How easy is it to make up a diet and sell it to people?

Actually, it’s incredibly easy.  I made up the Carrot Diet in about 10 minutes and filmed the advert below

This is to demonstrate how people on the internet (and some big companies) basically just con people out of money by offering diets that promise the quick fix that you are looking for.

If a diet ever sounds too good to be true, uses some gimmick supplement or is based around a single food then 99% of the time it's a con and won't work

All diets work by creating a calorie deficit.

You eat less than what you expend through moving about in your daily life

The Carrot Diet will work as it stops you eating a lot of calories – you are only allowed to eat carrots through the day.  Carrots don’t have a lot of calories and so you can eat a lot of them and not really have any significant impact on your overall calorie intake.

You’ll get pretty sick of carrots by the end of the diet, most likely you could last a week or so.  

In this time you would have lost weight, so then I can say that the diet works.  I may also say that it’s my special genetically modified carrots and my super weight loss supplement Beta Carotene that has allowed you to drop weight.

That would be a misleading statement though.  While eating the carrots has been a factor, the main reason you’ve lost weight is due to you eating less food and therefore less calories.

If you'd prefer to get the body you want from eating foods you like - your choice if you want carrots or not

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