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To Build a Superhero Body You Must Have 6 Key Principles in Place

  • Are you a prisoner to your diet plan or are you a Master of the Macroverse? 
  • Do you workout because you love it? or because you feel you have to?
  • Who’s holding you to account for your actions or are you giving yourself an easy time and taking no action?
  • Are the people around you lifting you up or are you stuck in the bucket of crabs?
  • Do you have a rock solid routine? or are you between a rock and a hard place?
  • Do you build Lego with or without the instructions?
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6 Superhero Principles

After 15 years of working with clients to create some incredible physiques and dramatic results I’ve identified 6 key areas that must be optimised for success

  • Smarter Eating
  • Workouts that stimulate growth
  • Influence of those around you
  • Team supporting you
  • Consistency applying simple, effective technique
  • Habits that enhance the results


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