Episode 43 – Old School Bodybuilding VS New Methods

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episode 43 prep podcast

Can old tried and tested bodybuilding methods exist alongside the new?

Are the old methods the best when it comes to bodybuilding and building muscle?

There’s a constant discussion around old methods vs new.

Many older bodybuilders will shun new styles of training as unnecessary but it cannot be denied that advances have been made in nutrition and training methods in the last few decades.

As research and science has progressed to discover new things about how our bodies build muscle, some of the old methods do now seem quite incorrect in being effective.

However they most definitely were effective as some of the best physiques in the world and in history were built in the era of the 80-90s.

So is there a balance that can be achieved?

Can we blend both new methods and old to give a perfect style of training and more flexible nutrition?

We discuss this in the podcast.

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Tom Blackman – BKM Nutrition

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