DAT 18 Mastering The Sales Call as an Online Fitness Coach

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Hate sales calls and being too sales-y?

In this video, we’ll be discussing how to master the sales call as an online fitness coach.


Many online gurus will tell you to focus solely on sales scripts and even sell you the “10k sales script.”


However, they often overlook the importance of building trust with your client before the call.


We’ll be sharing some essential tips to help you build that trust by putting out quality content prior to the call, so your clients feel more comfortable and informed.


Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of qualifying your leads properly before the call, so you’re not wasting time on clients who aren’t a good fit for your coaching.


If you want to improve your sales calls and close more deals as an online fitness coach, this video is for you.


We’ll provide you with practical advice that will help you grow your business without relying on sleazy sales tactics.

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