DAT.14 How to use email effectively as an online personal trainer

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Using email to boost sales and grow your audience

If you don’t have an email list for your coaching business then you need to start now.


Fitness coaching has evolved massively over the last 10 years.


If you’re not actively emailing your present and future customers then you’re missing out on new sales.


Too often fitness coaches focus on social media as their main avenue for speaking to clients.


However only about 1% of your followers will actually see your content.


Unless it goes viral.


Compare that with an email list where your open rate is 20-25% on a good day.


All of a sudden those 5000 IG followers vs those 1000 email subscribers doesn’t look that good.


Email subscribers are a warmer audience than your social media followers.


They’ve actively said they want to get more of your stuff.


Whereas social media followers might just be your friends or people who follow you to see the half naked pics you put up.


Either way they aren’t likely to buy from you.


In this podcast we will show you how to build and grow your email list with some real world examples of what we’ve done.

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