Christiaan lost over 30kg

Christiaan fat loss

"I'm not done yet"

Christiaan picked foods he liked and we set calories to stick to.  He also employed an intermittent fasting protocol in the morning so his first meal was at lunchtime.  This allowed him to eat bigger meals later on

"I'm going to continue to strive for fitness and further fat loss will be a by product of that"

Christiaan underwent a complete lifestyle shift from hardly exercising to entering a 5k run towards the end of our period working together.  Fat loss became the secondary goal and he is now more focussed on getting fitter and is a regular gym goer.

Christiaan’s transformation was not just visual.  Yes he lost an amazing amount of body fat but the really great thing was that his mindset totally transformed and his focus changed from just weight to his overall fitness. 

He was no longer an overweight guy trying to get slimmer.  He was living a leaner lifestyle

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