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This Fat Loss Meal Plan allows you to
Get The Body You Want
Eating Foods You Like

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The Lean Body Eating Plan is a calorie counted, fully flexible fat loss meal plan that you can easily adjust to your own lifestyle. Pick from over 100 popular foods or add your own.  It’s your choice what to eat, always. 

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Get The Body You Want

Fat loss happens from eating to a calorie deficit – you eat less calories than you expend.  

Fake Diet Gurus will try and convince you that they have a secret power that will drop fat off you or turn your body into a fat burning machine.

99% of the time their fat loss plan is a quick fix con to get your money.  They give you a diet with very restricted food choices which puts you in a severe calorie deficit.

They drop some weight off you quickly from losing water and reduced food volume in your gut.


This isn’t a long term solution and you’ll end up frustrated by a restrictive diet which is difficult to follow.

While initially you’ve dropped weight, when you come off the diet and go back to eating normally you put it all back on again.

By Eating Foods You Like

It is 100% possible to lose body fat while eating only foods that you enjoy.

I know this because that’s what all my clients do.

Not one of my clients following my fat loss plans has ever had to eat a food they didn’t like in order to drop weight.

And you don’t have to either.

Those days are behind you.

The Lean Body Eating Plan lists over 100 common foods in exact amounts tailored EXACTLY to your needs for fat loss.

Camilla Body Transformation

You just pick what you like from the list and make into meals. 


Normally £97

Why is the Lean Body Eating Plan the last diet you'll ever need?

I’ve designed the plan to be both simple to follow and very effective.  It’s the only fat loss meal plan you’ll ever need. 

And the last.

It’s my aim for you to gradually learn what food volumes are right for you so that you eventually don’t need to keep referring to the plan.

You’ll know what’s right for you and do it out of habit.

Here's the secret that the big players in the weight loss industry don't want you to know

All the big players in the diet industry make their plans deliberately confusing and hard to follow.


Because they want you to keep coming back.

By making the diets hard to follow with 

  • Sinful foods
  • Colour coded foods
  • Different days
  • Points systems

They lock you into their system for dieting.

Why not just tell you how many calories to eat and teach you how to work that out for yourself?

Because if they did you wouldn’t be a return customer, year after year.

I want you to never need a diet plan from me again

Once you’ve been using the Lean Body Eating Plan for a few weeks you’ll be used to eating all the foods you like and will be losing weight.

You won’t even feel like you’re on a diet because there will be no confusion about what to eat and when.  

As well the plan you can use my tutorial videos to learn more about nutrition and how to work with your brain to stick to the plan.

In short I want to give you all the tools to never need any diet plan.  EVER again.

I make things simple because I want you to succeed.  Any diet plan that is overly complex and DOES NOT talk about calories as the main reason for fat loss is trying to prevent you succeeding. 

I ONLY talk about calories because if you understand this you’ll succeed.

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Completely personalised to your calorie needs

Each plan is calculated specifically to the needs of the individual. I ask you to fill in a form after payment so I can use your details to build your plan

Lean Body Eating PLan Page 5

Over 100 foods to choose from

Pick from the list the foods you like and make them into meals. It really is that simple.

Fat Loss Meal Plan Macros Page 9

Macro and Calorie guides

Each meal is broken down into the calories you need and the suggested macro splits so that you can match calories if buying your meals from shops

I build every diet plan myself

I build and check each fat loss plan myself before it goes out.

Every person is individual and will require a calculated, exact amount of calories for weight loss.

Big commercial diet companies don’t calculate your calories for weight loss.  They just give you a guide book to eating.


How can you need the same book that someone 2 stone heavier or lighter than you needs?

That just doesn’t make sense.

One size fits all never works for fat loss diets because everyone’s needs are different.

To be effective for the long term your calorie deficit must be calculated and the foods portioned correctly.

It will take at least 24 hours to get your meal plan to you

Join one of the big diet companies and they’ll have your plan ready in 5 minutes.

It’s pretty easy to do when you just give everyone the same thing.

Because I inspect every diet personally before it goes out you will need to wait 24 hours to get your plan.

I will ask you to complete a quick questionnaire to get the information I need to correctly calculate your calories and then I build your plan.

So you know when you get it that it’s been prepared and approved by a professional nutritionist.

I take your success very seriously.


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