7-11-4 The Most Important Number For More Sales

Reach your ideal customer, with content that speaks directly to them and positions you as an expert in your niche

Tired of WASTING your time talking to people who don't buy from you, constantly quibble on price and if they do buy, end up becoming nightmare customers?

Your problem is probably not that your product or business is wrong, it's that you're talking to the wrong people

7-11-4 principles will ensure you are always talking to the right people

  • People will seek you out as the expert to solve their specific problem

  • They will be ready to buy before they talk to you

  • They will be willing to pay a higher price for your product

  • They will be invested in following your direction

  • Your product will be right for them and will work perfectly

  • You will waste less time on calls that go nowhere


Having 100 Leads a day means nothing if they are not 'your' people

As a gym owner and body transformation coach of over 12 and 10 years respectively, I’ve been bombarded with marketing promising me 100 new leads a week.

While this sounds good and you immediately see dollar signs from that figure, the reality is that the majority of leads that these companies send you are a load of rubbish.


The headaches from dealing with the wrong type of customer

What you actually get are leads from people who

  • Aren’t ready to buy
  • Don’t really need your product
  • Almost need to be dragged over the line to get the sale

Then because they aren’t invested in you or your product they become nightmare’s to work with

  • Your time is wasted doing calls where they don’t show up
  • If they buy they create more problems than you can solve for the money they are paying you
  • You lose money from lost time which could have been spent providing an excellent service to your perfect customer

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