30. Stop Clients Cancelling For Holidays

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A client holiday shouldn't mean a drop in income for you

A big problem for fitness coaches – keeping clients when they will be away for a bit and want to cancel.


Are your clients going on a holiday or just enjoying the time off work?


Either way they may decide that they don’t need you for a bit.


Bad Times.


If you’re an online coach then clients may feel they don’t need to pay when they aren’t at home and may ask to take a break and ‘pick it up after they get back’.


You know they won’t and even worse will probably undo all the good work they’ve done.


How can you as a coach, both help them to enjoy holidays but also not wreck their bodies from over doing it?


In this episode we discuss:

  • How to keep clients following their plans on their holidays.
  • The importance of growing a community so the discussion continues away from home.
  • Making workout plans that can change easily, and how to work with your clients when they go on trips.
  • Ideas on how to adjust your business model to be less reliant on selling ‘workouts’ and more on the long term goal

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