24. Keeping Your Clients For Longer

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Improving Client Retention in Your Fitness Business: Fix the Leaking Bucket

  • Keep clients engaged and motivated so they continue to improve.
  • Plug the holes which allow them to stall and lose momentum. 
  • Add variation and new challenges to keep them focussed.

Getting new clients is a lot harder than retaining existing ones.

Yet it’s always the new clients that coaches are focussing their efforts on. 

As a result, clients become demotivated, bored and disengaged.

In this podcast we discuss ways to prevent that happening. Help clients continue to improve and find new motivation.

The main points we cover include:

  • Keep Workouts Exciting:


Keep your clients engaged by offering a variety of workouts and exercises.  Ditch the repetitive PPL 5×5, optimised stack. Make workouts interesting and enjoyable, name them, block them, add new combinations. You’ll help them stay motivated because no week is the same.


  • Create Personalised Road Maps or Plans:


Develop tailored plans for each client based on their individual needs and goals. Map out a clear path to progress and set achievable milestones along the way.  Provide personalised guidance. Show them the path and then help them navigate the terrain.


  • Foster Client Involvement:


Encourage your clients to take an active role in their fitness journey. Ask them to provide input and take part in decisions about their workouts and nutrition. Involve them in the process. Increase their investment in their own progress. Build a stronger sense of accountability.


  • Maintain Regular Communication:


Stay connected with your clients through regular check-ins.  Use Whatsapp, Slack, Messenger, online forms and group meetings. Provide ongoing support, answer their questions, and offer guidance whenever needed. Having a regular conversation builds rapport and shows you care about their success.


  • Celebrate Fitness Milestones:


People love seeing their hard work recognised.  They also love to have their achievements shouted about.  Sharing their success on your social media and in your client groups is a big win for them and you.

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