More Volume - More Muscle - Less Body Fat

Bored With Your Repetitive Gym Workouts Which Aren't Building Any Muscle?

Get a 4 week, done for you workout plan which is proven to build muscle in even the most stubborn of hard gainers

  • 4 weeks of varied, bodybuilding workouts
  • 16 workouts in total which I guarantee you won’t have tried before
  • Every workout is different, incorporating multiple bodybuilding techniques
  • Research based muscle building principles applied in exciting, challenging training sessions
  • Used by coaching clients and in my own training for years – proven success rate
  • Easily accessed via your phone, even when you are offline
  • Guide videos for every exercise and coaching notes on how to apply the workouts for maximum impact
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Tried and Tested Workouts That I Have Used Through My Competitive Career and With Clients For Over 10 Years

Want to build muscle fast?

  • Then you need to train like a bodybuilder.
  • Bodybuilding is by definition focussed on maximum muscle growth
  • Anyone that tells you there’s a better way to get more muscle growth has no idea what they are talking about

Bodybuilding is about taking the muscle to failure so that it grows bigger.  That’s what these workouts will do

Worried about getting too big?


  1. This is not the place for you
  2. It’s not that easy to get ‘too big’
  3. Go and join a crossfit gym


These are not just workouts for ‘bodybuilders’

  • I have used these workouts with hundreds of clients to get fast and dramatic results
  • Suitable for male and female trainers
  • You just need to like lifting weights and training hard
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Still Not Sure?

Try out some of my workouts TOTALLY Free for 10 days!

  • Vitamin T gives you a quick go at a selection of my workouts from across my whole coaching program


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