Create Client Testimonials that sell your coaching for you

Turn one client's incredible success into multiple adverts for your business that showcase your talent and get your ideal customer into your DMs ready to get the same result

Get these simple yet highly effective tools that help your clients sell your coaching for you in their testimonials

  • 9 essential questions you must ask in any testimonial form
  • How to get testimonials before your client has completed their coaching
  • Make your clients story something that your future clients will relate to and want for themselves

Are your testimonials a bit boring?

Are they full of meaningless compliments about what a great person you are and don't really tell your future customers how you'll solve their problems?

  • Did you ask your client to write it themselves and after a bit of hesitation as they didn’t know what to write they gave you the equivalent of a character reference?

  • Did you ask them a few times to write one for you and stopped asking because you felt awkward after the 5th time?

  • Did you give them a form to fill out which returned you a load of single word answers that you can’t really use and look lame?

If any of these sound familiar it’s because I’ve seen these mistakes repeatedly with coaches I work with.

It’s incredibly frustrating as you only really get one chance to get a testimonial and if you waste it you’ve got to wait for the next client and hope you they give you a better one.

Let's be Honest. No One reads these types of posts

Massive walls of text which are copied from a feedback form or letter don’t grab your audience’s attention

Which is a catastrophic result for a great coach like you.

If no one’s reading

No one’s buying

The Testimonial Story Teller turns your client's Success into a compelling advert for your coaching business

3 Ready to Go templates that help you build social proof content

  • Graduation – when they finish working with you
  • Mid Term Report – when they finish a 8/12 week program
  • Freshers Report – after their first month 

3 simple to use testimonial templates

Use for video interviews, record and clip together for powerful video content.

Or turn into a form which your client can fill in

All the questions are designed to get a conversational response not just Yes or No answer.

See how the Testimonial Story Teller creates incredible case studies

Watch the video to see how to apply the Graduation Testimonial.

This would be at the end of your coaching when the client has achieved the result.  The normal time coaches would get testimonials.

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