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Will You Make This Mistake When Returning to the Gym on December 2nd?

If you’re planning on just ‘picking up where you left off’ when you go back to your workouts then you’re missing out on a perfect opportunity to make more muscle gains.

Find out how this 4 week training method I’ve used with hundreds of clients can dramatically change your body to:

  • Grow more muscle than you had before lockdown.

  • Make December one of your best months for gains.

  • Lose some body fat coming into Christmas so you can enjoy the Christmas break and all the food.

  • Start January more positive and motivated with a plan for growing into the new year.

I’ve been bodybuilding for over 23 years. I’ve built a show winning physique and have coached hundreds of clients.

Over the last 10 years I’ve transformed people’s physiques so that they gained more muscle, lost body fat and took control of their nutrition.

I did this using my blend of bodybuilding techniques and unique fat loss strategies.

Are you itching to get back into the gym and start training again?

  • You may have done home workouts but they just aren’t the same as a gym session.

  • You feel that you’ve gone backwards in how you look during November and need to return to the gym with a bang.

  • You might have gained some fat during lockdown and you feel that you’ve lost some muscle.

Like many people who exercise you’re annoyed that you had to stop going to the gym while people were allowed to stuff themselves with fast food ?

  • Going to the gym and building muscle is a great way to keep healthy and reduce body fat.

  • A strong body means a strong immune system to fight off colds and viruses.

  • Exercise is a positive activity and not being able to train has impacted your mental well being.

The mistake that most people will make that will cheat them out of new muscle gains

  • In the first lockdown, the country was shut down for 4 months.  Meaning that when returning to the gym I advised my clients and gym members to be very cautious in returning to their training.

  • The enthusiasm for returning to the gym could have resulted in a number of injuries and before long you’d find yourself in another gym rest period, but from injury.

  • This time however you’ve only had 4 weeks off. 

  • You can return to the gym with a bang but you can still injure yourself if you don’t have a proper plan.

It’s a much different scenario from December 2nd and one that you can exploit for more muscle

tom in gym during lockdown
  • Taking a 4 week break from training can help you recover from injuries and niggles

  • Many athletes and clients I have coached took time out in order to prepare for a elevated period of training

  • This allows a 4-6 week period of ‘super’ training to facilitate more muscle growth and to smash through plateaus

The worst mistake you can make is to go back to what you were doing before the lockdown

  • You will miss this prime opportunity to force some new muscle.

  • You won’t take advantage of your bodies ability to lift and train at a harder level after a rest period.

  • Doing what you’ve always done will just get you back to where you were, not growing more muscle

Muscle growth does not come from being comfortable

You will know this, you don’t grow more muscle or lose body fat from being inside your comfort zone.

To make a difference you’ve got to do something different.

You’re coming out of lockdown fresh, recovered, full of enthusiasm and ready to smash your workouts.

Your workouts though, are not.

Unless you have a strategic plan of attack to actively pursue new muscle, you’ll just end up in the gym, pottering about, texting and chatting to your mates about how lockdown was rubbish.

  • 4 weeks later you’re no better off.

  • Maybe you’ve lost a bit of the fat you put on during November.

  • Perhaps back to your previous lifts.

  • But you’re not BETTER.

Here’s how to use the lockdown to grow more muscle in December

I’ve put together a 4 week training program which is full of some of the best workouts from my competing days and that I’ve used with clients after a planned layoff.

This workout program will

  • Give you a brand new stimulus for muscle growth

  • Deliver workouts that I’ve used to grow a champion level physique

  • Challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone to ignite your muscle growth again

  • Ensure you reach Christmas looking and feeling incredible

These workouts are tried and tested and proven to work

They are ones I have used myself in the past for coming back from planned layoffs. I know that they work.

  • I’ve used them with clients to take them through plateaus and force new muscle growth.
  • They are based on tried and tested systems used by pro bodybuilders and top amateurs.
  • They incorporate research based methods into muscle building to make them target the muscles exactly as you want to for more growth.

Get the body you want eating foods you like

To force this change in your body to build a leaner more muscular physique..

You’ll need to follow certain principles of nutrition that are essential for a lower body fat level and more defined muscles.

  • Eat a high protein diet
  • Control calorie intake to meet your targets
  • Be more intelligent with your food timing around workouts
  • Make sure that your immune health is maximised through correct vitamin intake
Target Lean Book - fat loss meal plan guide

I’ll show you how to do all this by eating ONLY foods that you like. 

I literally have written the book on this principle and have coached hundreds of clients to successful body transformations using my CALORIE system.  I’ll show you how to do this too.  

Many coaches over complicate this with complex eating plans, or over simplify it with very rigid plans with bland food.

We will be just like baby bear’s porridge.  Just right for your needs.

Full support when you need it

This is a coaching program, you get better results when someone is keeping you accountable.

  • Weekly group coaching calls to discuss common sticking points in training or nutrition. Hosted by me.

  • Weekly check-ins with private feedback from me and action points for you to implement.

  • Track your workouts and output with a Myzone belt available with a priority Smasher discount.

Take your workouts to any gym

  • Workouts loaded directly into the training app on your phone

  • Video tutorials on all exercises

  • Full descriptions of the workouts and how you are to complete them

  • Track your lifts and progress directly in the app during the workout

  • Record your form if you are unsure and request a check via your check in

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Program starts officially on 2nd December

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This program is for you if you:

  • Love lifting weights to improve your body.


  • Have a Facebook account to access the extra program content.


  • Are comfortable using an app to track your calories and activity.
  • Are looking to build more muscle in December.

  • Have been training with weights for over 1-2 years.

  • Are committed to implementing the advice that I will give you to get better results.

What Previous Clients Say About Working With Me

All my client programs involve transforming people’s bodies using a blend of weighted workouts and fat loss techniques

christiaans transformation
Transformation pic for Daniel

Bodybuilding techniques are the best for building muscle.  Not everyone who trains like a bodybuilder looks like a show ready behemoth but they all build more muscle

testimonial from a fat loss client
Hannahs body transformation

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Program starts officially on 2nd December

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Where will you be in January?

Spent £99 on the Smasher Program

  • Fired up for the new year with 4 weeks of incredible training under your belt.

  • Lower Body Fat levels which allowed you to enjoy Christmas with zero guilt or regret.

  • Starting to see new muscle growth and full of new ideas for your training in 2021.

  • Happy with how your body is looking and excited to see where it goes in January

Spent £99 on some tat from an Amazon Black Friday deal

  • Back to where you were in November.

  • Still doing the same boring workouts.

  • Looking for a 6 week shred diet to do because you overdid the food at Christmas.

  • Frustrated at how your body looks and your lack of progress over the last 2 months.

Got a question about the program? 

Check out these FAQs first.  I’m also happy to answer any other questions you have.

There is no diet plan, I will show you how to calculate your calories and macros to fit your goals and how to use My Fitness Pal to create your own perfect diet.
If you want an eating plan made for you then I can supply either the Lean Body Eating Plan or the Muscle Gain Diet Plan products for a reduced additional cost (normal price £97)

Each week you can submit your client check in form and I will send you a recorded video feedback with action points.  You can also submit a question for the Live Wednesday Q&A where I will go through the problem you are having on the call with the other group members.  You can come on the call to discuss with me. There is no 1:1 meetings as such, this would put the cost of the program much higher and most people do not need 1:1 meetings to take action.

You will retain access to the workouts for up to 6 weeks after which the app will turn off access.  You can print off any of the workouts for later use.  If you wish to continue coaching with me you can do so by paying for another month.

My definition of body builder is anyone looking to increase their muscle size and lose body fat.  All my clients train like body builders in that they do workouts that build muscle and we work to lose body fat.  If that is your goal then you are a fit for this program.

All of the calls and the lives will be saved and accessible from the Facebook group around 4-6 hours after the calls end.  Depending on loading times and my wifi (which is not great from my house).  If you have submitted a question that I answered you will be able to watch back and comment on the post if you have any further questions.

My experience is that people don’t do the workouts if there’s no accountability.  If you just want workouts then there are tons of free videos on Youtube but none of them will keep you accountable and make you do the work.  You are paying for results, the workouts are just part of the toolkit that delivers those results.

If you’d like to work with me in a full 1:1 capacity please email me using the contact form here

Contact me privately

My coaching rates for an 8 week transformation start at £500

Depending on the injury I have a whole library of exercises that I can suggest as alternatives.  However I would suggest that you want to be in full, good health before starting this program.  I don’t want you to feel like you’ve wasted your money by not being able to do the workouts 100%

Honestly if you have done all the workouts, asked questions and done the things I’ve told you to do but STILL not seen any results I’ll be happy to refund your money.

I don’t want you to feel like you’ve wasted your cash.  You do need to put in the work though.  Only doing the workouts half heartedly and not trying to eat right will only deliver mediocre results.

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Program starts officially on 2nd December

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