Attract your perfect customers to your business with the lead magnet creator

Follow the Laws of Attraction tutorial to create a lead magnet that builds trust and confidence in your future clients and stands you out from the click bait coaches.

Make sure your email list is full of hot leads more likely to buy from you

  • Create a lead magnet that solves a specific problem for your future client

  • Build trust and rapport from the very first contact

  • Boost your open rate to 40/50%

  • Get more responses to your offers

Would you like more leads for your business?

Stupid question? Everyone wants more leads. The problem is that often the leads coming in aren't the right ones

  • The wrong leads cost you time from getting on calls with people who aren’t your ideal customer

  • Cold leads ie people not at all interested in your coaching cost you money as every name on your email list is chargeable by your provider

  • There’s no point having 10,000 people on your email list when only 1% of them are opening your emails

The right lead magnet speaks to your ideal customer.

It solves a small problem they are facing.

It builds trust between you and the future client.

It shows your expertise and skill as a coach.

The right lead magnet fills your email list with hot leads who are more likely to buy

Your open rate on emails goes from 1% to 50%

Reach more of the right people

Open rate is a good indicator you’re attracting the right people

If your email open rate is below 10% you need to rethink your lead magnets

The Laws of Attraction shows you 5 key things to remember when building your lead magnet

Use the worksheet to build the perfect lead magnet from the ground up

  • Make sure your lead magnet satisfies the knowledge, skill or tool gap the customer faces

  • Ensure it’s easy to get, use and understand

  • Follow up with a proven sequence to boost open rates and purchases

Simple to follow worksheet and video to guide you through the process

Watch the 23 minute video and create your perfect lead magnet following the 5 P’s of 

  • Problem
  • Product
  • Payoff
  • Path
  • Promote

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