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Apply these 6 principles to build a stronger, leaner body in 12 weeks

Use the methods that have transformed the lives people who have built incredible bodies and gained freedom from boring foods and monotonous workouts

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An Uncomfortable Truth
Which 99% of body transformation coaches WON'T tell you

No one wants to be honest and tell you that REAL change take 3-6 months

  • They don’t tell you because that’s not what you want to hear.

  • Also trying to quick sell 6 weeks of short term commitment is a lot easier than 3-6 months.

The majority of people that I have worked with have done some sort of 6 week program previously, got some results and then lost them soon after

6 Week Boot Camps have their place of course as a kind of kick starter to a longer goal


If you want to get real, long term results, a more muscular, leaner body AND keep it then it’s time to be realistic that it’s going to take at least 3 months to lay that foundation.

The good news; is that when you’ve laid down those foundations, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever revert back to your previous body or mindset.

Applying my Hybrid Body Formula will change your approach to your nutrition and training forever

  • Right from the first workout you’ll see why you’ve not been making the progress you should have in the past


  • From the first weeks eating you’ll see how easy staying in lean shape can be when you have the right diet plan

You’ll learn

    • The most effective way to build muscle in the fastest time possible from over 20 years of coaching experience
    • Simple techniques to eat for your goal of a leaner, more muscular body, without compromising your food choices
    • How to adjust your nutrition and training to adapt to any situation.
    • Effective habits which keep your body improving and stop you regressing back to your former self
    • How to lose body fat without doing traditional cardio on treadmills or cross trainers
    • Ways to prevent evening snacking ruining your results
    • Why cheat days are unnecessary and why you’ll never need them – spoiler, no food is a cheat food
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Building Muscle While Losing Body Fat - an Impossible Task?

It can be a tough job to get the body you want, especially with the demands of a modern working life.

Balancing that with being a good parent, a loving partner and social events with your friends, sometimes health and fitness can get sidetracked

This can be annoying as you love working out, but sometimes workouts can seem a bit boring and repetitive

You want to maximise the time that you do get but at the moment it doesn’t feel quite like that’s happening.

You’d also like to eat better, more nutritious meals, reducing the junk that you eat which you know isn’t helping your waistline. 

The problem is that this type of food is quick and readily available and preparing your healthy meals from scratch is tedious and time consuming.  

You often start the week with all things ready and on target and then it slowly gets worse towards the weekend and then the takeaways creep in.

Play Video about investing energy wisely for an incredible physique

You have great motivation but life gets in the way sometimes

It’s not that you don’t like eating right and training hard,
it’s just that those things are becoming harder to do
and you’re seeing the results of that in the mirror.

It’s time to put that decline in reverse, and press the accelerator as hard as you can

Common misconceptions that stop men getting the body they want

Belief 1: Muscle Building and Fat Loss Can't be Done Together

Build muscle or lose fat?

You can’t build muscle and lose body fat at the same time - RIGHT?

WRONG – Building muscle requires taking the muscle to failure, this can be done a number of ways, then you feed the building with adequate protein. 

This doesn’t require a huge amount of calories and you absolutely can build muscle in a calorie deficit.

People always ask me ‘should I bulk first then cut or should I trim the fat off then build up’

I always reply, ‘why can’t you do both?’

The answer is that they have been told that you can’t build muscle while losing fat.

You 100% CAN build muscle while losing fat and I have worked with many people who have done this.

The people who will find it hard to build muscle when losing body fat are:

  • Those who are already at sub 10% body fat
  • High level professional athletes who have been training at the top of their sport for many years
  • People eating in a HUGE calorie deficit
  • People who don’t eat enough protein
  • People who don’t work with me (jokes but also true)

To understand this more you need to know that muscle building and fat loss are not directly opposed processes

Muscle building requires adequate protein intake and muscle stimulus from resistance training

Fat Burning requires a calorie deficit so that the body has to make up the calories used in your daily activity with broken down fat cells

Andrew burn fat no cardio
  • You CAN be in a calorie deficit and be eating adequate protein

  • You CAN train with weights and be in a calorie deficit

So why do people say you can’t do it?

Because, in a nutshell, they don’t understand the biology of how the body works

That’s where being a performance nutritionist (I got a distinction in my post grad diploma by the way, *geek smilie* ) helps

ISSSN Diploma with distinction

This photo is included as there are so many unqualified charlatans calling themselves nutrition coaches and conning people out of money with bizarre and dangerous diets

I studied and learned about how the body works for the purpose of working with professional athletes such as bodybuilders, mma fighters, boxer and powerlifters. 

I don’t coach performance athletes anymore but I apply all those peak performance techniques to get the best from the people I work with. 

You may not be a high level professional athlete but you can sure as hell benefit from the application of those methods

Recently more studies have been done showing that you can build muscle while losing body fat and I have the evidence from previous clients I’ve worked with

It does require a fine balance so that we don’t cut calories down too much. 

This is why many people fail to do it.  They are focussing on ‘fat loss’ and not on building a better body.

Focussing on fat loss concentrates on the calories.  So you lose sight of the muscle building.

Because you’re now focussed on burning as many calories as possible and eating as little as possible you don’t think about supplying your body with the right signals for building muscle or the bricks necessary to do it.

jason graystone before and after

Calories are important but how you CHANNEL those calories is more important.

You may burn 1000 calories running on a treadmill but is that going to send the signals to the body that you want more muscle and look better in the mirror with lower body fat?

How about if we burn 600 calorie lifting weights to failure?  Is that sending the right signals that we want a more muscular and toned body?  It may be 400 calories less but we can control that aspect with food.

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The great thing is that once you start building more muscle we can actually increase food intake because building muscle requires more calories and once built it needs more calories to maintain and more muscle means you lift more weight for longer which means more calories in the workout.

Soon, you’ll be smashing 1000 calories in your weights workout.  While your mate is still running for 2 hours and restricting his food trying to lose fat you’ll be lifting weights, eating more food and generally bossing life and looking awesome.

Belief 2: Carbs Store Fat

Dr Shredz Carbs store fat

There are thousands of unqualified fitness gurus telling people to drop carbs or go keto to lose fat. This is not necessary and may be harming your progress

To lose fat you’ve got to cut out carbs or reduce them massively - RIGHT?

WRONG – In fact when we start building your new stronger body we will be making sure you ARE eating carbs to fuel your new higher volume, weight based, muscle building workouts.

These workouts will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before, guaranteed.

My coaching program is based on bodybuilding principles that I’ve used with clients for over 10 years to pack on slabs of muscle and lose body fat in a very short space of time.

We won’t be focussing on ‘fat loss’ workouts, we will be focussing on getting you more muscle and lower body fat will be a result of that focus.

6 principles exercise should be fun

People who focus on ‘fat loss’ as a primary target ALWAYS end up stalling because they forget to build more muscle which ultimately makes you look much 10x better.

They always

  1. Cut their carbs
  2. End up tired, depressed and weak in their workouts
  3. Which then results in a massive binge on carbs. 


Then they are right back to square one.

  • We will focus on FUELLING your workouts

  • making sure you ENJOY every meal

  • and give you the energy to SMASH through your training

  • which results in a higher output in your training so the fat burning takes care of itself.

Fat burning requires a calorie deficit, we can create that by giving your workouts more fuel not less. 

Managing the food during the day so you stay in a deficit while fueling your training will be a key factor in your success.

Belief 3: You Have To Eat Clean If You Want A Great Body

To build a great body with lower body fat you need to eat clean all the time - RIGHT?

WRONG – in fact eating clean all the time actually reduces your chances of getting the body you want


Surely all people in great shape are eating healthy foods all the time and never eat junk?

You’ll be happy to hear that this is not true.

There’s a HUGE difference between eating healthy and eating clean

Play Video about why a coach hires another coach

Eating Clean  – Let’s look at it

  • No Junk food. EVER
  • Cut out the nice ‘cheat’ foods you like
  • No chocolate
  • No ice cream
  • No takeaways
  • No pizza
  • No [insert 90% the foods you probably eat regularly]

OK what’s left?

A lot of foods you hate most likely

Well, that sounds like fun doesn’t it?

6 principles only eat food you like

Trouble is, although we know that we hate that type of diet, we all do it at some point to lose weight.

Here’s the kicker, if you eat too much clean food then you can STILL gain body fat!

Many people overeat ‘clean’ foods such as 

  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit

Thinking that they are doing the right thing but neglecting the impact of the calories in that food.

In fact I’ll regularly speak to people who are  completely confused by their inability to get their body fat down despite eating really ‘clean’ every day. 

Frustrated, they often revert back to eating anything and everything.

Clean eating, unless you really like eating ‘clean’ food all the time, can turn into a prison.  A prison that eventually is your undoing.

Let’s look at Healthy Eating

  • Eat ‘clean’ 80% of the time

  • Have the occasional takeaway

  • Enjoy ice cream with your kids and partner

  • Have a pizza out with your mates from time to time

Still within your calories so you end up losing body fat but feel a hell of a lot better as well as looking incredible.

  • Being healthy means that you have a balanced outlook to your food

  • You eat well so that you work towards your body goals while at the same time enjoying your food, time with your family and friends.
6 elements health

Building a Hybrid Body means you ditch the conventional thinking about what everyone says is RIGHT and start thinking about what actually WORKS

If you have not managed to transform your body before then it’s highly likely that you’re making one or more of these 6 mistakes

In over 10 years of coaching I can guarantee that when people aren't getting the body they want it's to do with one of these 6 mistakes.

How Many Are You Making?

1. Bland, restrictive eating, cutting out foods you like

You’ve also probably tried to eat ‘superfoods’ or ‘fat burning foods’.

You’ve been given clean eating plans.
Low carb fat burning plans.
Keto plans. 
Vegan Plant Power Plans.

But you like eating burgers,
love carbs
prefer to be building muscle rather than wasting away.

You’ll stick the bland diet for a bit but then go on a binge 

2. Workouts that are boring and repetitive which give you no excitement or challenge

 The same stuff, 

    1. every week, 
    2. on repeat, 
    3. which rarely gets changed.

3. You're trying to do everything yourself with no-one holding you to account

You are best at lying to yourself and also best at believing your own lies.

“I’ll start again tomorrow”

Yeah sure you will

4. You have the wrong people around you who don't support your actions


  1. They think it’s funny to offer you chocolate when you’re trying to get in shape.  
  2. Tell you to skip a workout to do something with them.  
  3. Criticise you for opting for a healthier lifestyle.  
  4. They are jealous of your progress and try and drag you down

5. There's a loose and haphazard approach to your diet and training

  1. Never sticking with one program for long and always searching for a quick fix. 
  2. No real structure to your training plan, just pottering about the gym lifting stuff. 
  3. No goals for progression or adaption. 
  4. Regular trips to takeaways because you haven’t planned out any meals leading to rapid fat gain

6. Focussing on the end goal and trying to get there too quickly

  1. Everytime you start a plan there’s a big goal (which is good)
  2. But the big goal becomes the focus at the expense of the systems (not good)
  3. So you don’t see the pitfalls along the way and can’t plan for them
  4. When things don’t go to plan, the whole plan falls apart

A Hybrid Body is built from 6 key essential elements that eliminate these mistakes and powerfully combine to create a stronger, muscled body and focussed mindset

Every person you've seen on this page has successfully implemented these 6 principles into their lives

1. Only Eat Foods You Like

6 principles only eat food you like

We show you how to eat a higher protein that fits around your day and allows you to build more muscle while trimming away your body fat.

  • You only eat foods you like 
  • Within certain calorie targets
  • You pick the foods from a list of over 100 common foods
  • You choose when, what and how much you eat
  • We show you how to add any food that’s not on the list with simplicity
  • Carbs are your friend and they will fuel your incredible workouts.
  • We don’t eat clean all the time
  • You can drink alcohol in moderation if you wish
  • We encourage the odd bit of junk when you want it

2. Exercise Should Be Fun

6 principles exercise should be fun

We give you a varied range of workouts that will build your muscle fast, burn through calories and most importantly - That You Enjoy

  • No boring ‘optimised’ workouts that have you doing squats every day
  • Every workout will be different and focus on building muscle while burning through a ton of calories
  • No mind numbing cardio on treadmills, we have a much better way that aligns with your goals
  • All workouts are available on demand through our custom app that you can access anywhere in the world.  It’s like having your PT in your pocket
  • Workouts that are proven to work in both male and female clients who want more muscle and strength
  • 4 Live HIIT cardio and conditioning workouts a week in the Facebook group that are available on demand for replay

3. Accountability Leads To Action

accountability leads to action

Great Things Can Happen When We Work Together

  • You’ll be held to account and asked to track your progress so we can work on improving your results.
  • If you need help you only need to ask and our coaches will be there to advise on a solution.
  • You’ll celebrate your wins and learn from any mistakes  – you’ll get more skillful as time goes on
  • You’ll have at least 1 x 30 minute 1:1 meeting a month with a specialist Hybrid Coach to discuss your progress and plan ahead.

4. Community Builds Confidence

Community leads to change

Together We Achieve More

  • To ensure you have the right people around you, you’ll need to have access to Facebook so you can join our highly motivated and supportive online community
  • Share in the wins of others, celebrate your own achievements and feed off the positive energy to achieve more
  • Motivation is kept high, friction is reduced and results happen faster
  • You’ll start to develop the identity of a confident, health and fitness focussed athlete.  The mindset of a winner.

5. Consistency Leads To Change

consistency leads to change

Cast Votes For The Life You Want To Lead

  • The best plan is useless if it’s not done repeatedly
  • You are the product of hundreds of small actions not 1 day’s motivation.
  • You’ll apply the techniques from the Hybrid Formula consistently and each day will move you closer to your ideal body.
  • This will take place over at least 3 months but the real snowball effect will be in 6 months where you’ll develop a Jedi like command of your health and fitness
  • We never aim for 100% perfect because life isn’t 100% perfect.  
  • Cast more votes for your new life and less for your previous life and you’ll be moving forward

6. Incredible Acts Start With Small Actions

incredible acts start with small actions

Create Your Hybrid Body One Cell At A Time.

  • Workouts will be challenging but not crippling
  • The diet will be structured but not a prison
  • Extreme dieting or training only results in a huge kick back from the body
  • We will work in small steps to reach big changes
  • There won’t be any ‘kicks’ or ‘boot camps’ to ‘shock’ your body into change, shock only brings with it a rebound
  • Each small step and improvement builds bulletproof habits that become so easy to follow that your previous bad habits will seem alien to you


This coaching program is not for everyone. 

Before you apply to join please make sure you fit these requirements

You must be able to spare 5 minutes a day to use a smartphone or computer to track your daily metrics such as bodyweight, steps, workouts and calories.

We will show you how to do it but you must be ready to actually do it.  If you don’t track your data then we can’t help you progress and when you get stuck it’s impossible for us to suggest a solution.  We are here to help you become awesome, but it’s a partnership not a dictatorship.

You must be able to access Facebook to participate in the community.

This is an essential support element of the group and you’ll get much better results by being part of the community.  A private profile is fine but you must be able to access the group content

You have access to a gym or reasonably equipped home gym.

We do provide workouts for home training with kettlebells and dumbbells but the real progression and mind blowing results will come from being able to access a commercial, fully equipped gym.  If you want to start at home and progress to a gym that’s fine but you need to have that mindset.  This is also NOT a suitable program for complete beginners to working out.

You must be prepared to train at least 3 days a week.

While you can get results training only twice, we don’t want OK results for you.  Ideally 3-4 sessions a week of about 60 minutes will deliver you the body you want.  We actively discourage more than 5 weights session a week as this actually limits your progress but you can train in a lighter cardio capacity – we will show you how.

Don’t think you’ll get awesome results by putting in mediocre effort.

Incredible bodies are built through hard work and applied motivation.  Don’t complain about the results you don’t get for the work you don’t put in.  We will absolutely help focus your motivation the right way and give you a lift when you need it but we won’t carry you.

You are ready to commit for at least 3 months

Don’t join thinking “I’ll sign up for a month, get the plans etc and then just cancel”

I can guarantee you won’t get the results you want from only a month of applying the Hybrid Body Formula to your life. 

  • Long term results come from Consistency
  • Consistency comes from having Accountability
  • Accountability helps build the right Habits and Systems
  • Habits and systems are built in 3-6 months not 4 weeks.

If you are only thinking one month ahead then I really DON’T want you to join. You’re wasting both of our time.

If you’ve said yes to all 6 of those requirements then you’ll get exactly what you want out of the Hybrid Body Formula.

You’ll get the body you want, eating foods you like.

To start creating your ideal body click the button and answer 10 questions. 

I’ll be in touch within 72 hours to arrange the next steps.

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