These Bodybuilding Workouts Are For Dads Who Want To Get Hench

Get the workouts that have transformed hundreds of my clients over 10+ years from Dad Bods to head turning physiques

These Workouts Will:

If you love training in the gym to build a stronger, muscled physique then these are the workouts you need.

I’ve been a bodybuilder all my life. 

I’ve competed multiple times and won many trophies.

I’ve helped hundreds, maybe over a thousand people in my years as a physique coach.

In all that time I learned and applied different techniques which are contained in the workouts in this program

Each workout program has a different theme to shock the body into more muscle growth

Muscle Gain Diet Plan Tom winning bodybuilding show

There’s no ‘perfect’ way of training, despite what some people say

  • In over 30 years of training I’ve done numerous different systems and they all built muscle.

  • What I found was that after a time my body adapted to the system and my gains slowed down.

  • When I changed it around I started growing again.

I’ve brought this principle into my workouts so each 4 week cycle is slightly different and you’ll continue to gain muscle

Each workout system covers 4 weeks and addresses the major problems why you are not building muscle

Why Your Training Is Not Working

People don’t train hard enough in my experience

That’s a hard but true fact.

I’ve owned a gym for over 13 years, been a bodybuilder for over 25 years and the people I see staying the same all have a similar story.

  • They do the same workouts every week for years.

  • There’s no variation or challenge.

  • They are stuck in a comfy rut where they are just maintaining what they have.

Frustrated at their lack of progress.

But unwilling to try anything new.

For fear of losing the muscle they do have.

If you’re reading this then it’s likely you’re in the same situation.

Just like 99% of the men and women I’ve worked with over the last 10-15 years when they came to work with me.

Dads especially have a tough time.

They are overworked.

and if they do get to the gym

they only have a limited time to get a workout in.

Quite often it’s one of their only social events so they waste time talking to other guys in the gym.

In between doing a few exercises that they do every time.

So they make very little, if any, progress.

If that’s where you are then these workouts are what you need to give you that kick and fresh motivation.

First though... These workouts are not for you if

You don’t train in a fully equipped gym.

Sorry but your home gym with a few dumbbells won’t be enough. These workouts are for Dads who have a gym membership and actually use it.

You can’t get to the gym at least 3 days a week

Honestly you can get some OK gains with 2 x full body workouts a week.

But these workouts are for mind blowing pumps, explosive muscle growth and the need to buy new clothes to show off what you build.

There’s nothing mediocre or ‘just OK’ about what you’ll be doing or the results you’ll get.


You still have a Nokia 3210

I know Dads like to hold on to stuff but seriously, get a smart phone so you can access the workouts via my coaching app.

You have a lot of injuries

I don’t want you to get injured even more doing these workouts which require you to be in decent working order.  

You can work around a few niggles but if you’re always in pain please go and get that seen to before you start.  I ask as someone who’s had multiple shoulder surgeries because of not resting and recovering enough.

You are a beginner to training.

You need to know how to do basic exercises.

With decent form.

Every exercise in the workout has a full video demonstration but if you don’t know how to do a proper squat, deadlift or bench press you’re likely to get injured.

Please employ the services of a good PT to teach you these basics before getting these workouts.

You are not open to new ideas

The amount of people I have refused to coach because they think they know everything about training is…. well, a lot.

Some of the methods I use may not make sense on paper (phone) but when you do them you will get why they work.

But you’ve got to try them first.

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