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Fat Loss Programs are Dead

Build a better body by training hard with weights, eating smarter and fuelling your performance

BUILD is 8 weeks of focussed coaching using methods from 10+ years of 1:1 body transformations

  • Workouts proven to build muscle fast in previous clients
  • Smarter eating plan tailored to your calories and macros for growing lean muscle
  • Weekly accountability meetings to keep you motivated, grow your knowledge and ensure progression
  • On demand educational content to grow your knowledge
  • Over 800 recipes to help you enjoy food

What can be achieved from focussing on BUILDING rather than FAT LOSS

Andrew burn fat no cardio
jason graystone before and after
Testimonial Andrew

In all these cases we focussed on training hard and fuelling their performance with proper nutrition.

Many of the methods used went against conventional ‘fat loss’ dieting yet they clearly lost body fat.


Because we weren’t obsessed with a ‘calorie deficit’. 

You’ll often see people put on hugely restrictive diets by inexperienced coaches who get initial results by cutting out carbs or giving their clients lots of cardio.

Then when the results stall, all the coach knows how to do is cut more calories or increase cardio.

This eventually results in tired, depressed and hungry people who stop seeing results

What will you get from BUILD?

  • See a noticeable change in body composition in 8 weeks
  • Achieve fat loss without focussing on fat loss
  • Build muscle without focussing on strength
  • Learn how to eat smarter for faster results
  • Not do any cardio that you don’t like
  • Absolutely NOT cut out your carbs
  • Enjoy the process of building a better body

No, scrap that, you will LOVE the process

Instead of chasing calories deficits BUILD makes the process of growing more muscle tissue it’s main focus.

Productive workouts to grow muscle require energy from food, so restricting your food massively is counter productive.

Here’s the thing though.

Which most coaches will say is impossible.

You can absolutely build muscle while in a calorie deficit.

As long as the deficit is mild and comfortable for the body you can chip away at body fat while growing new muscle.

This is something I’ve specialised in achieving with multiple clients over many years

seb testimonial pic
Camilla Body Transformation

What you'll see after just a few weeks

  • An immediate change in your training that you will feel working

  • Eating foods you like in the right amounts to fuel your workouts and change your body

  • Higher motivation from being held accountable and getting the stuff done you said you’d do

What you can expect after 8 weeks

  • More muscle -> More Strength -> More productive workouts

  • An increased knowledge of nutrition allowing you to eat smarter with less stress

  • Your perspective on ‘dieting’ will have changed dramatically

Who is Build For?

BUILD is designed specifically for gym goers who have been training for a few years, have a good knowledge of gym exercises but are not seeing the results they want and are experiencing these issues

  • Are unhappy with their current training which has become stale and boring
  • Don’t know how to eat right to get the results they want or can’t understand why their diet is not working
  • Are not eating enough protein to build muscle – sometimes they don’t even realise
  • Are not training hard enough to build muscle – even though they think they are
  • Are not burning enough calories in their workouts to initiate fat loss
  • Overeat MASSIVELY when bulking and just get fat not muscular
  • Always do the same workouts with no variation – meaning they never see an improvement
  • Try to be the biggest and strongest at the same time and get injured often
  • Think they have to cut first then bulk and believe they can’t build muscle as well as lose body fat
  • Have no accountability for making progress and so never change and fall into bad habits easily
  • Cut out calories and carbs when trying to lose weight – then have the worst workouts of their lives and see very little change
  • Take focus off muscle building when trying to lose weight so look worse by doing too much cardio
  • Try to do too much at once and create too much of a deficit

BUILD is NOT a Fat Loss Program - But you'll probably lose some body fat

I want to make this abundantly clear – This is NOT a fat loss program

However a funny thing happens when you stop focussing on fat loss as a priority and focus instead on building a better body.

Your body and mind become less stressed

Stress is a real killer of progress for fat loss.

You’re always looking at the scales and getting stressed when nothing is moving

Which causes you to do excessive things like cut your calories further and try and do more exercise.

Trouble is, with calories lower you’ve not got the energy and so begins a vicious circle of

  1. tiredness
  2. hunger
  3. overexertion

resulting in your body fighting back to preserve your life.

Yes, you read that right, the body doesn’t know you just want a bit of fat off, all it sees is loads of calories out and not a lot coming in.

I’m not going to call it ‘Starvation Mode’ as that’s a nonsense term from guru diet coaches

  • But there are very real processes that the body employs to preserve your energy
  • Meaning you get very hungry and very demotivated so you start to eat more and move less.
  • End result – you’re back to eating the same and feel awful
eat smarter move with purpose

That’s why BUILD will get you focussing on growing muscle and fuelling your workouts.

If your goal is some fat loss as well as muscle growth we will keep you in a manageable deficit that doesn’t stress your body and allows both results without stressing your body to an extreme

What happens when you focus on performance and muscle growth over fat loss.

Testimonial Andrew

Andrew wanted to get leaner and build some muscle.

An already active person it would have been a mistake to drop his calories in pursuit of fat loss

After an initial settling in period it was evident that he’d been undereating massively.

By increasing his calories and adapting to training to more bodybuilding focussed workouts he was able to add 2kg of muscle and drop body fat.

By raising calories gradually over time Andrew’s body was still comfortably in a deficit allowing fat loss.

He was also able to increase his output in the gym from the higher calories which in turn built muscle.

While Andrew’s results may not be the same case for everyone it highlights the need to think more carefully about your approach to ‘fat loss’, especially when building muscle

Join The Priority List - Starts 1st August 2022


Priority list closes 21st July
Priority members get early access and £25 discount 

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