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reagaining a toned body as a new mum

Regaining a toned body as a new mum

It’s difficult for many new mums to get their former toned body back after giviing birth Often pregnancy results in less exercise So as well as losing the baby weight there’s an additional issue of restarting an exercise routine. For many women, finding the time to exercise is another consideration due to the demands of

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Fastest way to lose weight

Your efforts to lose weight fast with an exercise routine at the gym or home is probably about to backfire on you. ‘Lose weight fast’ has 100,000 to 1 million google searches every month and ‘Fastest way to lose weight’ is between 1-10,000 It’s a hot topic and the reason is that people want results

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The Number One Reason People Join A Gym

Everyone Thought That After Lockdown Gyms Would Struggle To Get People To Rejoin YET Here They Are SMASHING IT! Well, there’s a slight exception to that.  Some gyms, big commercials mainly, have seen a drop off in their membership numbers, while independents have seen a near record rejoin rate.  Some have even had to close

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build muscle for men

Best Way to Build Muscle for Men

Adding 4kg of muscle without gaining body fat – impossible without drugs? WRONG I have worked with hundreds of men to build muscle and the vast majority of them are making the same mistakes which is restricting their muscle building progress 2 Common Mistakes Made By Men When Trying to Build Muscle Quite often I’ll

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Eat smarter move with purpose

Eat Smarter Move With Purpose

“Eat Less. Move More” A statement that is both true and also misleading I’ll often see this statement followed by “It’s simple” Normally from people who are Not coaches Have always been in leaner shape Or are in awful shape but could ‘get in shape if I wanted to’ because it’s easy This statement is

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Strawberry Cheesecake recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake in a Glass

Recipe details – Strawberry Cheesecake in a Glass Serves: 4 people Total Time: 30 minutes 485 CALORIES 11 PROTEIN 54 CARBS 25 FATS 2 FIBRE Get more recipes from my weekly recipes page  Values are approximate and you should always check  calories using a food tracking app My Fitness Pal Guide Ingredients 200g oz fat-free

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setting the right body goals for your age

Setting the right body goals for your age

It’s a dangerous thing to live in the past and I often get clients wanting to look like they did 10 years ago How do you set the right body goals for your age and how do you stop yourself living in the past? Your body doesn’t get any younger, you don’t age like a

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Weights vs cardio

Weights or Cardio to Get into Shape?

When working with new clients I often get asked “is cardio or weights training best for weight loss and what should my priority be to do? My reply is always that I combine the two where possible. The thing about cardio is that most people hate it. I hate doing cardio with a vengeance and

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how much does a diet plan cost

How much does a diet plan cost?

How much should you pay for a diet plan? I’m often asked how much does a diet plan cost? The answer often surprises people, in that I counter with “how much of the work do you want to do yourself? As with most things, if you really do your own research and increase your knowledge

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setting fat loss goals you actually achieve

How To Set Fat Loss Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Are You Doing These 4 Simple Things To Make Sure You Hit Your Fat Loss Goals? Over 10 years of coaching clients in fat loss and body composition change has given me a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t. You probably already know what doesn’t as you’ve most likely been there Low Carbs

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what is the best time to workout

Best Time To Workout If You Own Your Own Business

The ‘best’ time to workout is often different for business owners If you’re a business owner with a hectic schedule but want to build muscle and lose fat then what is the best time of the day to workout to do this and still be able to run your business efficiently? There are people that

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